AllTrails, the leading outdoor trail website & app, announced recently that they have raised a staggering $150 million from private equity firm Permira. This is on top of the $75 million they raised from Spectrum Equity just three years ago. Prior to these two mega rounds, the company had only managed to raise a couple of million dollars going back to their founding in 2010.

No doubt the pandemic is fueling a massive amount of interest in the outdoors. And hiking, which is AllTrails primary activity focus, is the most popular outdoor activity. So naturally, it is benefiting in a significant way. But by how much? The chart below shows desktop visitor traffic going back to 2011.

AllTrails Monthly Website Traffic (all-time)

As you can see, website traffic growth started accelerating in 2016 and definitely spiked in the summer of 2020. However, this past summer website visitor traffic was flat and October 2021 was actually down 15% over last year (2,459,168 vs 2,882,621).

Could it be that the growth we saw in 2020 was a one-time event? Maybe so, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that AllTrails doesn’t have plenty of room to grow in the years ahead. Subscribe to Website IQ to stay up-to-date on micro trends (daily & weekly traffic reports) and macro trends (10+ years of historical data) to better understand companies like AllTrails.

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