The Arena Group reported record Q3 revenues yesterday afternoon (November 15th 2021). The publicly traded media group (OTCQX: MVEN) operates a portfolio of properties, most notably, Sports Illustrated ( website traffic), The Street ( website traffic) and Hub Pages ( website traffic). In the most recent quarter, revenues grew by 86%.

The growth was fueled, in part, by strong year-over-year traffic growth for the Sports Illustrated website. According to our estimate traffic reports, had an estimated 14,703,363 desktop visitors in Q3 2021 as compared to 9,651,338 in Q3 2020, representing a 52% increase in visitor traffic.

Sports Illustrated Q3 2021 Estimated Website Traffic

Sports Illustrated Q3 2020 Estimated Website Traffic

The three year traffic report shows that was impacted by the pandemic, but rebounded by late 2020 and has been showing a nice growth trend since July of 2021. This was obviously a contributing factor to the companies year-over-year revenue growth.

Sports Illustrated Estimated Website Traffic (Oct 2018 – Oct 2021)

The Arena Group’s stock price spiked as much as 33% today on their Q3 earnings. Resources like Website IQ are great tools to use for predicting positive or negative results for publicly traded companies prior to earning calls. Subscribe to get access to both macro (10+ years of data) and micro (daily updates) traffic trends for publicly traded companies like The Arena Group and their flagship websites.

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